3 Reasons To Have Your Scaffolding Professionally Installed

Posted on: 28 December 2022

While scaffolding rental companies allow you to install scaffolds yourself, many offer installation services. The company will rent scaffolding to you and then put it up and take it down again at the end of your project.

What are the advantages of using scaffolding installation services?

1. Build Safer Scaffolding

If you don't have experience in putting up scaffolding and taking it down, then you don't have any safety guarantees. If you make a mistake during installation, then your scaffolding might not be safe to work on. If you have accidents when you put scaffolding up or take it down, then you could hurt one of your workers or anyone in the vicinity of your build.

If you use a professional installation service, then you get a safe build. Your rental company's crew has plenty of experience handling and erecting scaffolding. You'll reduce the risk of accidents. You'll also ensure that your scaffolding is safe to work on and stays stable in even adverse weather conditions.

2. Save Time

If you don't have much experience in erecting or dismantling scaffolding, then you'll spend more time on these jobs than you need to. Your project might be delayed if it takes you a long time to put your scaffolding up and take it down.

Professional installers can erect and dismantle even large sections of scaffolding fast. They help you keep your project on track and will reduce time delays. You won't have to waste time dealing with your scaffolding but can focus on other work.

3. Reduce Your Scaffolding Costs

While your rentals bill might be higher if you ask the company to install and dismantle your scaffolding, this investment could actually save you money in the long run. This service could reduce other costs.

For example, if you do your own scaffolding work, then you'll have increased time and labor costs. If you spend too much time building and dismantling scaffolds, then your current project could be delayed. Future projects might also be impacted if you can't start them on schedule.

A professional installation can help reduce your rental bill as well as save you time and labor costs. For example, you might hire too much scaffolding for your job if you don't have much installation experience.

However, if your rental company installs and dismantles your scaffolds for you, then they will use minimal materials to create the layout and coverage you need. They help keep your rental costs low. 

To get started, contact a scaffolding rental company such as Bay Area High Reach, Inc. and ask about their installation services.