Home Have A Sewer System? Signs It Is Clogged And How It Is Repaired

Posted on: 16 September 2022

Your sewer system may be something you do not think about often until you start having problems. One problem is the sewer system getting clogged. If your system does have a clog, you will know it by the following signs.

Water Backup Up In Sinks and/or Toilets

If you notice that the water is not draining from your sink, this could be a simple clog. If you do not find a clog or remove the clog and continue to have the problem, this is a sign the sewer line is blocked. You will also notice water comes back up out of the drain and may make a gurgling sound. If you are constantly getting clogs in your toilets, this could also be due to a clog. You may notice the water inside the toilet immediately comes back up once you flush it. If the problem is isolated to one bathroom or one area of your home, it may be a plumbing problem. If you are having this problem throughout your home, the main line is likely clogged. 

Smell Sewer Odor

If you have a clogged sewer system, the water that backs up into your sinks, toilet, etc. is actual sewer water. You may also have a drain in your basement that backs up, which will smell like a sewer. This smell can become overpowering at times. Fortunately, once the clog is taken care of the sewer odor will go away. You will need to clean the inside of your drains, however, which a plumber can do for you. This will remove any sewage that may be built up there. 

Flooded Drain Field

The drain field is the land that is right above your sewer system. The sewer lines are buried under the ground, and you should see no water leaking into the drain field. If you do see water, it will look like sludge and smell like sewage. This is caused by a blocked sewer system. The more water you have in the drain field the worse the problem is with the sewer system. A flooded drain field can also be caused by a crack in the sewer lines, which can come from encroaching tree roots and more. 

Sewer Line Repair

Contact a sewer company to come to your home. They can diagnose and repair your sewer system for you. To do a diagnosis they often use a video or camera that is placed deep into the sewer lines. The video is then displayed on a screen the contractor can see. This tells them the type of damage you have and where it is located. This makes things much easier and quicker for the contractor. 

If they see a large clog in the sewer line, they may use a hydro jet to get the clog out. This is forcefully blasting water into the line to remove the clog. If they find the sewer line is cracked or has other damage it can be replaced with new lines. If the sewer lines are old, the contractor may suggest you place the entire system.

Talk with a contractor to learn more about video sewer inspections.