Concrete Barrier Types And Uses

Posted on: 25 July 2022

Concrete barriers are designed to deflect traffic. Consider the type of construction project that you will be overseeing and the length of time that traffic will need to be rerouted. This may guide you in choosing concrete products that can be used to create an efficient barricade.

New Or Used Concrete

New and pre-owned concrete products can be purchased through a concrete barrier supplier. Contractors who perform construction duties in areas that the public has access to may benefit by purchasing a range of barrier products that can be used on multiple construction sites. A consumer can purchase concrete products that are a particular style and thickness.

Painted and unpainted concrete barriers will efficiently deflect traffic. If traffic patterns are going to necessitate the use of barriers at night, a consumer may wish to purchase products that have been painted a bright color or that contain stripes or other surface designs that will stand out.

Concrete Products

Barriers include a line of safety bollards, steel-reinforced products, planters, and angular pieces. A safety bollard is a tall, thin pole that is constructed of concrete. The base of this type of product may be wider than the top of the bollard. The base can be set up on a roadway, a gravel surface, or a grassy surface. Several bollards may need to be aligned next to one another. This will create a barricade that vehicles will not be able to drive through.

Steel-reinforced products will contain a concrete block that contains a steel section running through it. The steel may be exposed along the top of this type of barricade. Individual steel-reinforced products can be set up to create a barricade. Planters are large concrete products that serve dual purposes. A large concrete planter can be used to block off a driveway or a parking lot that is out of bounds. Flowering plants can be added to a barrier. This will beautify the area where a construction project is going to be performed.

If a construction project will take a long time to conduct, a consumer may wish to add decorative concrete planters to the area where a project will be taking place. Angular pieces may be short or long in length. A consumer can determine how tall or thick they would like each concrete slab to be. Special equipment may be needed to hoist heavy concrete pieces that are going to be used as barricades.

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