What To Discuss With Your Siding Contractor When Choosing New Siding For Your Home

Posted on: 27 June 2022

New siding will transform the appearance of your home and boost your property's curb appeal. Since there are different types of siding available, take time to compare them and talk to a siding contractor about the best choice for your property considering your climate and surroundings. Siding should last for many years, so you'll want a look you love to see every time you pull into your driveway. Here are some points to discuss with your siding contractor

Maintenance Requirements For Siding

You probably want siding that doesn't need much maintenance. You may want siding you never have to paint and siding that resists damage from insects and rot. A good choice might be vinyl. Vinyl comes with the color blended in during the manufacturing process so the siding never has to be painted or touched up. A scratch doesn't scratch off the color since the color goes all the way through the vinyl board.

Vinyl doesn't rot, and insects don't eat it, so it doesn't need a lot of repairs. A panel might crack from a hard impact, but a cracked panel is fairly easy to repair or replace. The only maintenance vinyl siding needs is to be cleaned with a hose or pressure washer to keep it clean and attractive.

Durability Against Storms

If you're looking for heavy, durable siding, then fiber cement might be a good choice. This siding is made with wood pulp that's added to sand and cement. This makes the siding heavy so it stands up to strong winds in a storm.

The siding is also durable so it can tolerate strikes from hail and blown debris. Fiber cement is good siding for areas that get storms, and it looks attractive on your home too since it resembles real wood siding. Fiber cement lasts for decades, so it's a good investment.


If you need low-cost siding, your best choice will probably be vinyl. Ask your siding contractor to compare prices for you. Besides the cost of supplies and installation, you may want to consider the cost of maintenance, repairs, painting, and other work the siding may need over its lifetime. When low upfront cost is a deciding factor, then budget vinyl siding could be the right choice.

Climate Match

Certain types of siding may do better in your climate than others. By looking around your neighborhood, you get a good idea of popular siding choices for your area. Stucco is often used in dry, warm climates while brick is often seen in northern areas.

You'll want siding that tolerates the temperature and moisture seen commonly in your city, but you'll still have several suitable choices in new siding. If you can't make up your mind between stucco, brick, stone, wood, fiber cement, vinyl, or metal, ask your siding contractor to help you make a choice.