The Client

A Client is a customer or owner who buys goods or products or services. Building Services Engineers provide immense value to a client in the form of the many years of experience and knowledge of setting to work their systems through design, maintenance or operational services. Seasoned and experienced engineers often find that projects or systems iterated by many at huge cost often have issues that are easily resolved with the tenacious attitude found in many freelance or small business engineers. The parable of the Old Engineer and the Hammer springs to mind although a simplification of the paradigm, experienced engineers designing, operating and maintaining engineering systems are essential to ensuring continued safe and reliable operation.

Rougemont Building Services is a small business managed and directed by a chartered engineer with over 30 years experience in many sectors. Mr John Fletcher MCIBSE CENG has taken the proverbial hammer to many projects and systems saving huge costs and adding immense value to clients assets. We are part of an extensive network of freelance and small business engineering service and product providers with many thousands of years experience

Clients – if you require the proverbial hammer treatment on your projects or systems or you have systems or projects which you wish to ensure are designed , maintained and operated efficiently and effectively then please do not hesitate to get in touch on the contact form below.

Rougemont Building Services Limited

“Engineering Reliability and Confidence”



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