Dippy and the Whale

It was fascinating watching the anticipation on the faces of the Natural History Museum leading scientists last night on the TV programme Horizon, BBC2 as they hoisted the 4.5 tonne blue whale skeleton up to its new hanging position in the Main Hall.

For me, watching the programme brought back very fond memories of my five year term at the museum as a young Mechanical and Electrical engineer and a position which really set the foundations for my ongoing career.

During my time at the museum I was involved in many highly prestigious projects including the construction of the Darwin Centre, the Wolfson Welcome Wing and the reinstatement of Gallery 26, the annual location of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition.

It was an honour and privilege to work with the fascinating people of the museum and to have been able to manage and coordinate the vast array of mechanical and electrical services which support the many significant and historic buildings around the museum estate.

I recommend you check out the links below to discover the fascinating world that resides at The Natural History Museum.

The Natural History Museum.

Horizon Dippy and the Whale




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