Six Things You Shouldn't Assume About Chimney Sweep Services

Posted on: 6 June 2023

Homeowners who have chimneys need to realize how important chimney sweep services are. Unfortunately, there is some misinformation out there about these services. 

The following are six things you shouldn't assume about chimney sweep services. 

You don't need chimney sweep services as often if you don't burn softwoods.

It's common for people to assume that only softwoods that produce a lot of smoke cause creosote buildup that leads to cleaning needs. However, any type of firewood will give off some smoke and cause some creosote buildup so chimney sweep services are necessary even if hardwoods are always used in a fireplace. 

Homeowners can clean their own chimneys.

Don't attempt to sweep your own chimney unless you have professional experience with chimney cleaning. Attempting to clean your own chimney not only leads to a less effective cleaning, but also could create safety hazards and chimney damage in some situations. 

Chimney sweep services aren't necessary if you have a metal chimney liner installed.

Metal chimney liners are popular because they make it easier for chimneys to be cleaned and maintained. However, it's important that homeowners realize that metal chimney liners don't make cleanings unnecessary. Creosote will build up in a chimney with a metal liner and lead to chimney cleaning needs. 

Chimney sweep services are only needed if you're using your fireplace often.

It's dangerous to assume that you don't need to have your chimney cleaned because you use your fireplace very infrequently.

Blockages can develop in your chimney even if you don't use your fireplace often. Wildlife can build nests in your chimney or debris can get blown into your chimney by the wind. Such blockages create safety hazards and make it so that routine chimney sweeping is essential even if you only use your fireplace once in a great while. 

Chimney sweep services are very expensive.

Homeowners don't usually have to pay a lot to get their chimneys cleaned and inspected. The exact cost of chimney cleaning will depend on the area in which you live and the type of chimney that you have. On average, you should expect to pay around $250 for a chimney sweep service. 

You don't need chimney sweep services if you only burn seasoned wood in your fireplace.

Seasoned wood is wood that has been dried out so that it doesn't contain as much moisture. Burning seasoned wood gives off less smoke.

While burning seasoned wood might be easier, it will still produce smoke that leads to chimney cleaning needs just like regular firewood. You cannot avoid chimney sweep needs by burning only seasoned wood.  

For more info about chimney cleaning services, contact a local company.