Why You Should Have Your Residential Foundation Professionally Excavated

Posted on: 31 October 2022

If you have been having some serious foundation problems, possibly causing water to get into your basement, you are going to need the perimeter around your home excavated. Now, before you start looking for shovels, it is important to know that you should probably hire a professional for all residential foundation excavation work. Here's why:

They Can Get It Done Much Faster

Do you really want to spend all of your weekends for the next several months trying to dig out your foundation by hand? You could attempt to rent an excavation machine, but do you have experience with that type of machinery? The best thing to do is to simply hire a professional excavation company or contractor. They can get the area around your foundation dug up in just a couple of days.

They Are Insured To Protect Your Property And Themselves

Professional excavation companies and contractors will carry hazard and other business insurance policies that protect both them and you and your property. Of course, since you will be receiving help from an experienced contractor, the odds of an accident happening are much slimmer, but it is still nice to know that if the machine accidentally damaged your foundation wall, the repairs would be covered.

The Professional Work Will Look Better

Sure, digging out the dirt is one thing, but part of the excavation process is also putting dirt back where it first came from once the foundation work is completed. The excavation contractor will come back when the repairs are made and they will fill the hole back up with dirt. They will be able to ensure that the dirt is packed in properly and that you are left with a smooth area. You won't have to worry about flattening little bumps and raising dips in the ground before you plant grass.

Now that it is a little easier to understand why it is best to hire a company or experienced independent contractor, it is time to start looking for who you want to hire. It is important to ask each person or company you call to come out to your home to take a look at the project in person. This will allow them to take all of the measurements they need, which will be helpful when it comes to giving you an accurate price for the work and a timeline in which it can be completed.

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