How Authentic Does An Airstream Renovation Need To Be?

Posted on: 13 October 2022

Airstream renovation is a popular choice for many people who want to have unique travel or camping experiences. When you meet with a contractor from an Airstream renovation company, though, you should have some idea of how authentic you want your trailer to be. Determining how much authenticity will figure into the project can be challenging, but you can make a choice based on these four criteria.

Resale Value

Highly personalized or modernized Airstreams may deter potential buyers. If you don't plan to hold onto the trailer for a long time, you may want to consider what the short- or medium-term market will prefer. People looking to buy Airstreams are usually comfortable with minimal modernizations, such as upgrading the power and lighting systems for efficiency and output. Most folks don't demand authenticity to the point they can't charge their phones. Still, it's best not to go overboard with changes if you expect to be a seller in the short term.

Personal Requirements

Some improvements are necessary to meet personal requirements. For example, many types of the most authentic Airstream trailers predate the Americans with Disabilities Act. Authentic models from those decades aren't going to be the friendliest experiences for many people, and those folks will likely trade some authenticity during an Airstream remodel for improved livability.

You may also just want to focus on your preferred experience. If you want to kit the vehicle out with modern conveniences and designs, that's your prerogative. Authenticity is a choice and not a necessity during an Airstream renovation.

Availability of Parts

The availability of parts, especially for models that are sometimes nearly a century old, will produce a cost-benefit calculation when it comes to authenticity. While a contractor can usually find a supplier or fabricator to deliver the necessary parts for an authentic renovation, that may come at a cost. There are people who'll insist on authenticity down to the glue and rivets, and those folks are usually willing to pay accordingly. However, you'll need to match your budget with the benefits of getting the most authentic experience possible with the available parts.

Style and Form

Lots of folks like the Airstream form factor, especially from the outside. Others like the form because it offers impressive living space in a mobile package. Where style and form matter to you will determine a lot in terms of authenticity. If you love the exterior look but don't need the interior to look like a collectible, an Airstream renovation company can produce a modern interior while maintaining the traditional exterior.