Which Decorative Trusses Are Right For Your Home?

Posted on: 5 August 2022

Building a custom home requires a lot of attention to detail. You must make many decisions that will affect the long-term look and function of your home throughout the construction process. One of these unique decisions is the selection of your roof trusses.

Homes with closed attic spaces can get by with basic trusses that offer structural support. Custom home design often eliminates ceilings to expose the trusses within the living space.

Decorative building trusses are a must when incorporating a more open ceiling design into your custom home.

King Trusses

A king truss is what most people think of when referring to timber trusses. These unique components feature a triangular shape with a center beam, referred to as a king beam, running vertically through the middle of the triangle.

King trusses can be very decorative when they are constructed using aged timber or finished with decorative wood cladding.

If you are hoping to maximize the amount of light that filters into your living space, king trusses are your best option. A king truss allows you to combine design simplicity and a decorative finish with an extraordinary strength that can support the weight of your home's roof.

Raised Collar Trusses

Raised collar trusses are similar in design to king trusses, with one major design difference. The tie beam that makes up the bottom edge of the triangle is situated much higher along the rafters of a raised collar truss.

Moving the tie beam up doesn't diminish the amount of weight the truss can handle over time. What this change in design can accomplish is an increase in the amount of headspace beneath the truss itself.

Raised collar trusses make great decorative features in living spaces with a lower ceiling profile.

Arched Trusses

Many homeowners would agree that arched trusses are among the most decorative of the roofing trusses available on the market today.

An arched truss features the same triangular design as king and raised collar trusses, but arched trusses have an additional set of curved beams that extend outward from the bottom of the tie beam. These curved beams give the truss its arched appearance.

Arched trusses are often used in custom homes that want to embody an air of prestige and sophistication.

The roof trusses that you select for your custom home will have a direct impact on design and function. Work with your contractor to ensure you are making the right decision before investing in decorative trusses.