4 Signs You May Need A Dumpster Rental

Posted on: 17 May 2022

A dumpster rental can make a difference in many types of situations. If you're thinking about paying for dumpster services, here are four signs you probably should.

Many Large Items

Many weekly garbage collection companies charge for hauling off any large items. If you remove a large sink basin from a kitchen, for example, you can expect a charge if you just put it out with the rest of the trash. If you're going to get rid of several large items, it's likely going to be cheaper to pay for a dumpster rental. As a bonus, you can usually take a little longer before calling the company to pick up. This is nice during clean-outs, remodels, moves, and other similar projects.

Several Large Loads

Even if you're just doing some cleaning, it can get to the point you'll need to send several large loads if you use regular garbage services. However, a dumpster can often handle the equivalent of several loads. Many landlords with multiunit rental properties, for example, have all their tenants use a single dumpster for this reason. Everyone saves on cost, and the pick-up process is simpler, too.

Unusual Waste

Some types of waste aren't appropriate for normal garbage pick-up. For example, asphalt shingles from a roof are heavy and contain tar. This is something that shouldn't go in with your regular trash even if you can fit the shingles in there, such as if you re-did a small roof like a shed.

You should contact the dumpster services company before throwing stuff in the bin. Let them know what you're disposing of so they can choose the right type of dumpster. This will reduce the odds that you accidentally violate local, state, or federal disposal laws.

Regular Overflow

Many waste disposal companies will tolerate a few heavy weeks of overflow as long as you're operating within the terms of your agreement. However, regularly putting out large amounts of trash is a sign you should move up to a more serious solution. A dumpster rental can usually fill this role for a small business or even a large family.

Bigger businesses can ask about renting multiple units. If your location is big enough, you may even want to inquire about staging several pick-up sites on the property. Having more than one spot will reduce the effort you'll have to put into hauling trash to the pick-up location.