Features to Get In Replacement Ice Bins for Refrigerators

Posted on: 26 August 2021

An important part of your refrigerator is the ice bin, the structure that holds ice made by this appliance or by yourself. Sometimes, this component can damage and thus require a replacement. As long as you go after these features in this refrigerator replacement part, you can make a solid investment.

1. Extended Rim

It's natural to take the ice bin out of the refrigerator every once in a while. You may have an easier time getting ice out this way or just want to perform some maintenance steps like cleaning. Getting this bin out of this appliance won't be difficult if you get a replacement with an extended rim.

You'll then have a convenient lip to grab onto when moving this bin around or taking it out of your refrigerator. That will keep the bin from slipping out of your hands and suffering any type of damage. You'll have a firm grasp the entire time.

2. BPA-Free Material Makeup 

It's important to get a replacement ice bin that fits in your refrigerator nicely and holds up, but this component also needs to be completely safe for you to use. It will be holding ice that you'll later consume, so make sure you look into the safety features of this replacement part.

You can feel better about this part of buying a replacement ice bin by making sure the materials are BPA-free. BPA (bisphenol-a) is a potentially harmful substance you don't want showing up in your bin's makeup at all. Manufacturers will include BPA-free labels on their appliance parts if they have said design.

3. Well-Fitting Shape and Size

You don't have to buy with the same ice bin that came with your refrigerator out of manufacturing, but you do need to make sure the replacement model is sized right. Then you can slide it into the correct position with ease, which is usually under the ice maker in the freezer portion of your refrigerator. 

You need an ice bin that is sized perfectly and has the correct shape. You can assess the dimensions of your current ice bin that's being replaced or consult with the manufacturer of your refrigerator to find out what size can work.

There are going to be parts on your refrigerator that you end up replacing. One of these could be the ice bin. If you need further assistance, contact various companies that sell appliance replacement parts.