Reasons To Consult With A Distributor When Using Wood Fiber Panels For Wall Decoration Purposes

Posted on: 25 August 2021

Wood fiber panels work great when used as a decorative material for residential interior walls. If you plan on using these materials for this purpose, it's a solid idea to consult with a distributor. They can help with a couple of things. 

Help You Take a Multi-Colored Approach

One of the more advantageous properties of wood fiber panels is they can feature color. That means you don't have to do any sort of paint prep work, such as sanding and mixing various paints together. You'll have fully colored panels once they arrive. You just need to think about what colors to use.

Taking a multi-colored approach with these panels is a lot easier to do if you consult with a distributor. In addition to showing you which colors they have in stock, they can suggest color combinations that they've seen other clients use successfully. You'll have added color inspiration in no time. 

Show Representations of Different Panel Shapes

Rather than just sticking wood fiber panels on interior walls as-is, you can get a little more creative by cutting them to form unique shapes. That's going to make this material really stand out and help you show off something unique on the interior.

Consulting with a distributor can help you gain access to representations of different panel shapes, including square, hexagonal, and circular. Seeing these shapes in detailed fashion makes it a lot easier to choose the right orientation for where these panels are going. 

Apply a UV-Resistant Coat

If you plan on putting wood fiber panels on a wall in your home that receives sunlight, you need to account for this effect. Otherwise, what would happen is that your panels' colors will fade over time. You can stop this effect from happening by looking for wood fiber panels with a completely UV-resistant design.

You can consult with a distributor of wood fiber panels, letting them know the importance of UV-resistant properties. They can then put together protective coats and ensure they're applied the right number of times on each panel. That's going to help you make the most out of this investment. 

Adding wood fiber panels to walls on the inside of your home is an amazing way to transform spaces. You'll just want to speak to an experienced distributor because they can help you make some pretty important decisions that ultimately influence how these wood fiber panels turn out. Contact a company like Trinity Innovations to learn more.