Aisle Barns Versus Shed Row Barns

Posted on: 23 August 2021

A custom barn will house your livestock and may be used to store grain, hay, riding equipment, and other essentials needed to care for or utilize your farm animals. Before hiring custom barn builders to construct the barn, choose between an aisle or shed row style.

Aisle Barns

Aisle barns consist of an enclosed walkway that separates two rows of stalls. All of the components of this type of barn are enclosed. Some custom barn builders are noted for the extensive features that they add to this type of structure. A barn can be one or two stories tall and may be constructed of wood, metal, or a combination of the two materials. An aisle barn may contain multiple entryways, staircases, a separate feeding area, and sleeping quarters.

If a barn is large enough, it can be used to house farm machinery and surplus feeding and bedding materials. Some barns even feature an indoor riding arena. This can be used to train livestock. One of the most common uses of an arena is to prepare horses for shows or competitions.

An aisle barn does not need to be large in size if the amount of livestock that needs to be housed is low or if surplus materials are going to be stored in another outhouse or modular structure. Convenience may be one of the main motivators in choosing this barn style. Feeding, watering, and training animals can all be conducted from the confines of an aisle barn.

Shed Row Barns

A shed row barn consists of a single row of stalls. An aisle for walking will not be present within the barn and there will not be a wide-open area to store items. Instead, horse stalls will be aligned next to each other, and doors and windows will be located along one or both sides of the barn. Feeding livestock will require either setting up food stations outside of the barn or opening up each of the stalls and placing food within them.

Custom barn builders can add an overhang to one side of a shed row barn. The overhang will provide shade, which will help keep the animals cool on days when the windows or barn doors are open. An overhang can be designed to lay flat or to possess a sloped surface.

A custom builder can recommend some accent materials that will make a shed row barn unique. Distressing the wood or choosing a shingle rooftop may make a shed row barn look like a vintage building. Since shed row barns tend to be smaller than aisle barns, the cost of constructing one is usually much less. To learn more, contact a company like Tailor-Made Structures, LLC.