An Exterior Facelift With Window Replacement Ideas For Every Style And Budget

Posted on: 10 August 2021

If you are looking for window replacement ideas, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it's important to find something that works with your budget and the look of your home. A window expert can help you balance cost, style, and how much light comes into your living space. Keep reading for new replacement window ideas and information:

Options for Window Materials

Before you begin your window replacement project, you are going to want to choose the type of materials. Today, wood windows are still one of the most popular choices for replacements, but there are also other choices. For more durable and efficient materials, you may want to consider using metal or vinyl replacement windows. These units are similar to their wood counterparts and can be installed directly inside the existing window casings after sashes and hardware are removed.

Adding Windows for More Natural Light

There may be some areas where the existing openings don't provide enough natural light when installing replacement windows. Therefore, you might want to add new windows to areas where there aren't enough windows. Modern replacement window manufacturers also make new units that are specifically designed to match replacements for this purpose.

Finishes That Enhance Window Appearance

Trim around windows might be missing some of the details that you want. Therefore, adding trim to the casings can be a good investment. A replacement window contractor can add friezes and moldings around the existing casings to give them details. If you have a siding exterior, this can be done with conventional wood moldings. There are also options to add synthetic stucco or masonry details around window openings if you have a brick exterior.

Invest In Additional Improvements and Features

In addition to the molding and trim details, other improvements can be made to openings. One of the options that you may want to consider is installing shutters, which can enhance the appearance of windows and provide functional storm protection for your home. There are also options like adding window tints or films to window glass for privacy and more protection from UV rays where it is needed. Ask your window installer about the additional improvements that they can make during the replacement window installation.

The style of new windows and additional features can completely change the look of your home's exterior. Contact a company like Andersen Windows and Doors Falmouth Lumber to get more tips.