4 Signs You Need Septic Tank Drainfield Repair

Posted on: 10 August 2021

Like any other part of your home, the septic tank system needs regular repair and maintenance. This will ensure your septic can serve you for many years without issues. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to find some homeowners ignoring this critical part of their home.

If you don't want to experience costly failure issues, you need to take repair measures. How do you know you need septic tank drainfield repair? This quick guide has everything you need to know. Read on. 

Plant Growth is Increasing

Do you notice your drain area has weed, green grass, and lush growth? It could be a sign the pipes underneath are malfunctioning. With drainfield leakage, it means more nutrients and excess water to the surface. That's why you're likely to see increased plant growth. 

Rising Water

Some drainfield pipes may break instead of getting clogged. If this happens, a lot of water could get to the field area. The area is likely to become mushy or spongy. A crushed or clogged drainfield can also cause water levels in the septic tank to rise.

If a septic tank inspection reveals high water levels, do not hesitate to contact an experienced technician for repair. You don't want it to push the sewage to your home's drains. 

Slow Drainage

One of the first signs you need septic tank drainfield repair is noticing that drainage from toilets, tubs, and sinks isn't optimal. When the drainfield's pipes can let in some water, your home's drains may continue functioning. However, they'll perform at a slower rate than usual. 

Not that septic tank pipes clogging or other problems can also lead to slower drainage. These issues could be more accessible to fix than the drainfield. If you think your septic system has issues, do not assume anything. What you should do is to call an expert to inspect your septic system and recommend possible remedies. 

Preventing Your Septic Tank Failure

If you don't want the inconveniences of dealing with septic tank drainfield issues, you should ensure regular maintenance. It can allow your septic tank to function well in the long term. Remember, after proper installation, siting, and designing; everything else is up to you. 

An annual inspection is essential for the prevention of possible issues. You can rely on professional services from a qualified technician who can provide:

  • Your septic tank inspection
  • Removal of solid waste
  • Excavation
  • Septic tank thorough inspection


If you want to maintain the utmost comfort in your home, maintaining all vital areas is essential. The septic tank drainfield is one of the areas that need your attention. Once you notice the signs outlined here affecting your septic tank drainfield, contact expert repair services as soon as possible.