4 Reasons You Need An ALTA Survey Before Making A Land Purchase

Posted on: 9 August 2021

An ALTA survey is one that follows a set of standards that the American Land Title Association developed. These are a national set of standards that are used to survey land that will provide you with valuable information about the property.

Provides a Uniform Standard

One of the primary reasons to use an ALTA survey is because it provides a uniform standard. The use of national standards means that the information from the survey is easy for people to understand. For example, if you need to work with a title company, then it will be easy for that information to be reviewed and used to provide title insurance. The use of national standards makes the information easier to understand and ensures that anyone you work with, from a title professional to a lender or an attorney, will be able to understand the standard and structure of the survey.

Easement Information 

With an ALTA survey, you will find out if there are any easements on the property. They will plot out where the easements are located and how they impact the properties. They will also figure out if there are any encroachments on the property. An encroachment occurs when one property owner is violating the rights of another property owner. This will allow you to see if there are any legal complications with the property that need to be sorted out.

Clear the Title

If you are looking to purchase the property, then you will want to ensure that the title is clean. You need a clean title in order to buy the property. That will require the surveyor to research the deed and work with the title company. A surveyor provides another layer of protection to ensure that you have a clean title for the property.

Consistent Information

Finally, when it comes to an ALTA survey, the information is consistent. It has been used for decades, which means that the survey techniques and the information it provides have been fine-tuned, and the standard of technology used to conduct the survey has also been fine-tuned.

If you want an in-depth survey that will provide you with consistent information that adheres to a uniform standard and will help you learn about easements, encroachments, and title issues so that you have all the relevant information before making a purchase, then consider an ALTA survey. Contact a surveying company such as PLCS Corporation for more information.