Things To Assess When Having A Seawall Designed

Posted on: 3 August 2021

Properties near water stand to benefit a lot from seawalls. They protect properties from erosion and flooding. Having one designed and constructed will be much easier to do if you make these proper assessments early on in this structure's development.

Body of Water

There are different bodies of water that properties may be situated near, including lakes, ponds, and the ocean. All of these areas have different properties and because of this fact, you need to think carefully about the body of water near your property.

What type of activity does it produce in terms of waves and movement? What is the makeup of the water? You need to know these details well so that when you start working with a seawall design engineer, you can give them meaningful water properties that they then use to construct the perfect seawall built to last.

Surrounding Soil Conditions

The soil conditions around the area receiving the seawall are important to think about. Find out what qualities the soil has so that the seawall that's made has the right materials that are installed at the right depth. You can assess these soil conditions yourself and have a seawall design engineer come out to make these assessments.

That's probably best for ensuring the right data is gathered to ensure the seawall is made with the right materials and structures. The engineer that comes out will know what soil characteristics are relevant, making their initial assessments paramount to the rest of the seawall build. 

Non-Impactful Designs

You want to protect your property from erosion and flooding when near a body of water, but not at the expense of the surrounding environment and the creatures that inhabit it every single day. You won't have any negative feelings about the way your seawall is built by an engineer when you look for non-impactful designs.

What materials for this seawall can keep erosion and flooding from happening but keep animals and plants completely safe? An experienced seawall design engineer will be the professional to speak to on this matter concerning the eco-friendliness of your seawall.

If you're worried about your property taking damage from a body of water nearby, a seawall may be the best structure to build from a protection standpoint. If you look for a seawall that's made purposefully with the right designs and materials, it can complete its assigned job effectively over the years.